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Serving The Community For 20 Years
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  • Individual and group therapy
  • Adult therapy
  • Marriage and family counseling
  • Pre-marital therapy
  • Divorce and blended family therapy
  • Custody evaluations
  • Alcohol and substance abuse assessments and counseling
  • Probation evaluations
  • Anger management therapy
  • Trauma and grief counseling
  • Neuropsychological testing
  • Personality assessment and testing for employers
  • Internet-related addictions
Services & Specialties
Michigan Modern Psychology has a fully trained professional staff available for a wide variety of mental and emotional health needs including:
A staff of licensed clinicians also provide services for children and adolescents, including:
  • Testing and therapy for ADD/ADHD
  • Learning disabilities
  • IQ testing
  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Asperger’s disorder
  • Second opinions on ADD, Asperger's, and Autism
  • Emotionally impaired (EI) placement
  • Internet addiction
  • Step- and blended family therapy
  • Childhood emotional disorders, such as depression and bipolar
Behavioral assessments and therapy are also available for children, students, adolescents, and families.
Morning, afternoon, evening, & weekend appointments are available to accommodate your needs!
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